Principal's Note

To our Alumni and Benefactors...


Our Elementary School Wall of Honor

As principal of the Elementary School, I am proud to announce the “Wall of Honor” that we have established as a Fundraiser.  As you enter the building, and go up the stairs, each brick can be purchased for $100.00.  A gold plate will then be placed on the brick with the engraved name and year of graduation. Individuals or families are invited to participate.

This fundraiser will directly benefit the Elementary School financially but it will also be a wonderful display for the present students and their families to visually recognize those who went before them.  St. Joseph of the Palisades Elementary School has a long tradition of exemplary Catholic education.

Any questions or interest in participating in these activities may be directed to Peggy Schiebel at (201) 854-7006 or myself, Eileen Donovan-Ferrando, (201) 861-3227.

Thank you for your support!



Special Message from our Principal...

My Dear Students and Friends,

When I think back on the 44 years I spent at St. Joseph of the Palisades I remember so many of the names and faces of my wonderful students and friends that have passed through the halls of our school.

How lucky I have been to share your life and to have had the honor to watch you grow and mature. It has been a thrill to hand you a diploma during your pre-kindergarten and kindergarten graduations and to look on with immense pride as you graduated from 8th grade. These moments have given me great pleasure over the years, and a lifetime of memories I will never forget.

How exciting, it has been for me when former students enrolled their children to attend our school. I am proud to say some of our students are third generation St. Joseph attendees'.

What a thrill over these years to have so many of my former students return to visit after moving away, stopping in to show their children the school they attended and introducing me.

On one particular visit a former student introduced me to his boys, but whispered please don't tell them how I behaved in school. His secret was safe with me.

I will never forget my days at St. Joseph of the Palisades, as a teacher, Assistant Principal and as Principal.

I am truly grateful to the many pastors, priests, faculty members, and staff I had the opportunity to work side by side with each day; but, most especially to Msgr. Gregory Studerus, for his tireless energy, belief in Catholic education, and his friendship and support these many years.

No words can express my endless gratitude to my friend and colleague of 24 years, Lauren Lytle. I leave knowing that the School that I treasured for so many years is in your wonderful hands. May God Bless you as he has me with happy, rewarding days and memories,

God bless all of you and thank you for the kindness you have shown me throughout this journey in my life.

My love and best wishes always, 

Mrs. Eileen Donovan-Ferrando



Please join us on Join us on November 19th at 6:30pm for our 5th Annual Benefit as we honor our retired Principal Eileen Donovan-Ferrando November visit  for tickets and details



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